2009 $20 Ultra High Relief MS70 PL

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2009 $20 Ultra High Relief MS70 PL
Condition Mint State 70 PL (MS70 PL)
This modern issue coin that stands out from the crowd. If there is just one coin you want in your collection it is the 2009 $20 Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief gold coin minted in one ounce of pure 24 karat gold. This coin has absolutely everything a collector could want or admire. It is a one year only coin series only produced in 2009. The coin has an extremely low mintage of just 115,178 coins. (compared with over 20 million gold eagles).
In keeping with the origins of the classic design, the date 2009, is shown in Roman Numerals (MMIX). These are the first U.S. coins with the date shown in Roman Numerals since 1991 and the first coin with a $20 denomination since 1933.
It is the only coin in U.S. Mint history where the strike of the coin was not disclosed or identified as a mint state or proof by the U.S. Mint. With all other gold coins, you have the option to buy a mint state or proof version of the coin. The coins are also minted on 24-karat gold blanks that are twice the thickness of other U.S. Mint gold coins. The coin is minted in stunning 3-dimensional high relief which means the surfaces of the coins rise up from the coin’s surface.
Because of the increased depth of the designs, these Ultra-High Relief coins have a metallic appearance quite unlike that of a normal coin. The coin is a modern version of the famous 1907 $20 Saint Gardens coin, which is considered to be the most beautiful coin in the world. When the original coins were commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt, the design by the famous sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens was intended to be in ultra-high relief but the technology did not exist then. The U.S. Mint is showcasing its modern minting techniques to the world when it created this special coin. They actually digitally recreated the coins from the original prototype that is worth several million dollars and is in the Smithsonian Museum.
Condition Mint State 70 PL (MS70 PL)

Coins are graded on a 70-point scale with “70” being absolute perfection. In 1948, Dr. William Sheldon, a renowned numismatist, developed the Sheldon Scale, assigning number grades from "1" through "70" to coins. The basis of Sheldon’s theory was that a "70" would be worth 70 times as much as a "1."

The numerical grades MS60 through MS70, are used to denote business strike coins that never have been in circulation. A Mint State coin can range from one that is poorly struck with many marks and hairlines (MS60), to a flawless, fully struck, lustrous example with superb eye appeal (MS70). This coin has been certified with the extra notation Proof-Like (PL). This designation is reserved for coins that exhibit unusually high levels of clear reflectivity on both sides of the coin and have a proof appearance. These coins are considerably rarer than coins certified as MS70.
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) Certified label

A coin collector buys both the coin and the slab. In addition to buying the certification service’s reputation and a numeric grade, the coin buyer purchases the holder as a physical object. NGC special labels enhance and differentiate your coin from others in the same grade, serving a function beyond recording the coin’s authenticity and condition. The presentation and collectible value of these coins is enhanced by being identified as Proof-Like coins (PL) and Signature Series coins, coins that have the original signature of a noteworthy person connected with the coin. These coins have been signed by The Honorable Michael Castle, who was a two-term Governor of Delaware and near twenty-year member of the US House of Representatives and is directly responsible for some of the most important and popular modern US coins. Michael Castle is a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin.